8 Proven Benefits of a Professional Website for Small Business

November 22, 2021
Spencer Gallant

If you are thinking about how to grow your small business, creating an online presence is one way that could help!

It is undeniable that the world has become more digitalized. We now live in a society where people are constantly connected to social media, email, and other forms of technology. This means that it is becoming increasingly important for small businesses to have a website, as many customers would rather research products or services on their phones than go into a store. However, there are benefits of having a professional website for small businesses that go beyond just convenience – here are eight benefits!

1. A professional website is often the first impression potential customers have of your business.

Most businesses in this era have a website, but it's important that you make yours professional. When a customer first lands on your website, it is important that they are able to immediately tell the difference between you and other businesses. If your site looks unprofessional or poorly designed, then customers will not trust you enough to do business with you. A professional-looking website shows potential customers that their money would be well spent by going through a transaction with you, because you take your business seriously.

2. It's easier to maintain a professional website than an old-fashioned paper brochure or pamphlet that gets lost easily

Since websites are hosted online, and don't require a print shop to physically make them, they are much more efficient as a marketing tool when your business may have new information to share. It is quick and easy to update your information online, which means that customers will always be able to find the most up-to-date version of whatever you have written on your website. With a brochure or pamphlet, it's pretty much impossible for you to keep track of every single one that has been printed and given out – which means that your customers have to go through the hassle of trying to find outdated information. Most small businesses will not update their websites daily, but periodic updates are still an important aspect for potential customers learning about you and keeping an up to date representation of your business.

3. You can use your site as a way to showcase all of your work in one place

If you have a highly visual product or services, a website can be a great way to show off your work. You can use different features on the site to let visitors know what you are capable of, and showcase all that you have done in one place. As the old adage goes, "Seeing is believing" and nothing gets that across better than a mouthwatering photo of your signature dish, or a professionally completed before and after picture from a job well done.

It's important not to just list some of the work you have done, but to give a detailed description and then add images to supplement your words. This will help new customers get a better understanding of what it is that they are getting themselves into when choosing you over another person who also provides similar services in your area.

Additionally, old customers can go on your website to see what you have done since they were last in contact with you. If the work was good enough that it made them come back, then this is a great opportunity for you to gain more business through satisfied customers spreading the word about how well their project turned out.

4. People who are looking for new businesses may find yours through search engines like Google if they're not sure where else to look

If you are using search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, then people who need a service like yours may come across your website when they type in keywords or key phrases related to the services that you offer. This is especially true if your site ranks high on Google for these types of searches which can bring new customers calling through their computer screens.

Though you should do your best to make sure that the site is properly optimized, it's worth mentioning that "quality content" plays a big part in this as well. Try adding things like industry-related articles or news stories because search engines love fresh and updated material. This way if someone searches for something related to what you are selling on your site, you may come up as a top result to direct that customer towards your services.

In addition to this, Google analytics can give you insight into how many people are viewing and using your website so you know what works well with visitors and where changes need to be made for improvement. This way the next time someone searches for something related to your business, they will be able to find what you have to offer much more easily.

5. Professional websites are easy to navigate and look appealing on all devices, including smartphones and tablets

Because people are using their phones and tablets more often to access the internet, it's important that your website is mobile-friendly. This way if someone wants to look up information on you while they are at work or school but don't have access to a computer, they can still get what they need from their phone without any complications because everything will be easy to find and navigate.

It's been proven that, mobile users like responsive websites that can easily switch between portrait or landscape mode depending on their needs at the time. This is something that your website should be able to do as well with minimal issues so customers can enjoy everything you have to offer no matter what device they choose.

6. Your site is the perfect place for getting important information out there about who you are, what you do, how much it costs, etc., so people know exactly what they're getting before contacting you for an appointment or service

You definitely want to make sure that your website is complete and up-to-date with all the important information there for anyone browsing. This includes things like:

• Prices and packages you offer, including any special deals or promotions you might be running at the time;

• The location of your business (including an address, phone number, and any other pertinent contact information)

• Testimonials from previous customers;

• Up-to-date and accurate hours of operation (if you're open for business);

By providing this kind of information, it will make people feel more comfortable about contacting you without having to worry that they might be missing something. It's also a good idea to have a section that explains how people can book an appointment or schedule an appointment online, especially if it's something you offer.

This way your website won't just be beneficial for potential customers but also gives them somewhere they can go before even getting in touch with you so they know what type of service will best suit their needs and budget.

7. It's easier to promote your services with a website than with social media alone

Social media is a great way to promote your business and services, especially when you have customers who are already following or interacting with you. However, it's worth mentioning that many people don't use social media sites for this very reason because they want something more permanent instead of having their information taken down after an update has been made. This can also lead to a customer not seeing your updates anymore if they have been following you for some time and only see the posts from when they originally followed.

In addition, social media is more of an informal way of getting things out there so people who are browsing may get discouraged by the fact that it's less professional than what they're looking for. This is why it's important that your website can take care of promoting all your services and information for you so customers know what to expect.

8. Customers are more likely to buy from a company after seeing their professional site first

With a professional website for small businesses, customers are more likely to make the decision of buying from you or directing their business elsewhere. A lot of people look at your website as an indicator on how well you run things and whether they want to purchase something from you based on this information alone. In other words, if they can see that what you offer is of high quality, they will be more inclined to buy from you.

This goes along with the point above because customers are more likely to purchase something after having seen your website first and knowing what you can do for them as well as how much it's going to cost compared to other options that may or may not have all this information.

Without a website, it's harder for people to get an idea of what you can do and how much information they will be able to find out about your business. This is something that affects potential customers who aren't as familiar with your brand; however, if you have a professional site, this won't affect them anymore because everything important has already been put out there for them to see.

To conclude, having a professional website is beneficial in many ways because it increases your credibility and makes you appear more trustworthy while also making new customers find information about what you offer easily on their own instead of having to contact you first or go through social media sites on the side. However if this isn't something you have right now, it's a good idea to start looking into getting one as soon as possible because potential customers will be seeing your website first before anything else.

If you have a small business, it is imperative that you have an online presence. Your website can be the first impression your customers get of your company! But what if you don't know where to start? That's okay – we're here for you. Our team of experts will help create a professional and aesthetically pleasing site with all the bells and whistles necessary to capture new clients' attention. Need some convincing? Check out these benefits of having a professionally designed website for any size business. Ready to take on this challenge? Let us know how we can help by getting in touch at our contact page!

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