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Whether your existing website needs a facelift, or if you're just starting your online presence, I'm here every step of the way!

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Search engine optimization

Customers can't find you online? 84% of our SEO customers are ranked on the front page of google within 6 months.

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Software IT Support

Does your business need an IT guy? From email, to CRM, to specialized software, I can help your business run many of the new tools in the modern world.

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Past Websites

Vulnerable Children Society Website Design

Vulnerable Children Society

A not for profit focused on helping Ethiopian youth develop life skills and break the cycle of poverty needed a professional website to host information about the programs that they support and accept donations.

Global Wines Website Design

Global Wines

Local brew-your-own wine kits shop needed an online outlet with e-commerce functionality. Their entire stock is listed online and a full kit can be made with minimal customer commitments.

Painting Handyman Website Design

Painting Handyman

Regional handyman business needed a website detailing common services and information that clients would want to know.

DM Tile & Flooring Website Design

DM Tile&Flooring

A provincial tile & flooring contractor needed a website where potential customers would be able to learn more about their business, and get in touch to book a service.


How we can help

Website Designing For Development

Everyone needs a good website, not just big companies!

A website is used by customers to showcase your products & services, and to see what your brand is about 24 hours/day. Having a website improves the credibility of your business in the view of customers, and is one of the biggest ways to stand out from the crowd. Having a strong social media following is great for credibility, but it shouldn't be the only way customers can find you. Getting a custom website allows you to control your brand and get your message out there a lot more effectively. To learn more about how we can bring your project to life, reach out for your free consultation!

Website Programming

Your website should rank high on Google!

Most people will go to a web browser and Google what they want to find when searching for a product or service, and if your website is on the first page, it makes sense that you are going to get the first click over a competitor. If you're scratching your head, trying to figure out how to get to the top, reach out for your free consutation!

Software Help And Consulting

We're your partner for software help & consulting!

These days there is a plethora of different software applications designed to help your business grow, but the sheer number of different apps make it overwhelming to decide what to pick! We help you make better choices by showing you different options that would be good for your specific business situation. Book your complimentary software needs assessment today!

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